Cisco VoIP IEC Category Codes

Cisco VoIP IEC category codes
Cisco VoIP IEC categories range from 1 to 278, allowing an exact category of error to be specified in the category field of an IEC. With the Cisco VoIP Internal Error Codes feature, the concept of error categories combines and extends the existing Q.850 cause codes to handle VoIP-specific errors as well.
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IEC category codes are specified as follows:
The value range 1 to 127 is equivalent to ITU-based Q.850 cause codes defined for PSTN networks.
The value range 128 to 278 is defined based on VoIP network errors. A mapping is maintained between these error categories to corresponding Q.850 codes (1 to 127 range).
Note Note: Only the H.323 and Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) subsystems implement an approach to generate disconnect cause codes or Q.850 PSTN cause codes based on error categories. The disconnect cause is chosen based on the mapping from the corresponding error category. You can configure this mapping using CLI. This correspondence of IEC error category and Q.850 disconnect cause is implemented only for SIP and H.323 internal errors, and is not implemented for other subsystems in this release. For more information on SIP and H.323 cause codes, refer to SIP and H.323 Internal Cause Codes.
Table: VoIP Error Category Codes shows the category codes outside the Q.850 range, their descriptions, and the default Q.850 cause code used for each error category. The Q.850 cause codes for these categories can be changed using CLI.
Table: VoIP Error Category Codes

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